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From This... ...To This ! Chris-Broombroom.jpg crow.magnum 2 Measuring lead resistance A typical multimeter Measuring bulb resistance Measuring battery voltage Checking the earth Checking for voltage Later style Fuel Pump relay Finbarr Later FPR (socket view) Dashboard bulb holder Typical 924 fuse/relay panel Auxiliary fusebox bilbo Fuel Pressure Tester Big Si 4676042708_4bb14d474a_b.jpg CIH Rebuilt clutch slave cylinder Clutch slave cylinder parts Clutch slave cylinder piston Original clutch slave cylinder Clutch slave cylinder rebuild kit Cut millboard Fibreglass reinforcement Door pull hole Foam cut and glued Vinyl at a corner Door pull The finished article Before After Glovebox A-post Centre console Steering wheel Rev counter Speedo Centre mounts Speaker grill You should then be left with this daunting sight! National Rally 2011 Early FPR (socket view) Electric Window Circuit Diagram Electric Window Switch Driver side window switching Window switch schematic Passenger side window switching Window Switch Socket Driver side window switches Electric Window Motor.jpg Disassembled window switches Left: component parts, Centre: switch in two halves, Right: complete switch ford-mustang-gt390-fastback-1968.jpg S8300735a.jpg a_v525 IMG_0442.JPG 35 years since UK launch CCWADOct2012.jpg An S being driven spiritedly A nice turbo 938.jpg The 938 or Carrera GT The 924 interior in all its glory Vulcan bomber dashboard nick924s.JPG WP_000634.jpg 1.jpg 1.jpg n/a Warm Up Regulator (WUR) V6 turbo 35 red.jpg 5th Ace Cafe - 8th March 2014 CMSSkyscraperAW.gif ccs2014.jpg front2.jpg front3.jpg WP_20150410_17_44_57_Pro (800x800).jpg National Rally 2015 National Rally 2015 National Rally 2015 Silver Turbo Silverstone 2012 Carrera GT Silverstone 2012 Wiper Motor Wiper Interval Relay Washer Pump Wiper Circuit Wiper Relay Socket 92fortyAd.jpg 92Forty 92forty 92Forty Fuel Pump Relay Schematic 92Forty1 92Forty2 92Forty TwoFour Magazines forum.jpg Spanner and Sponge spanner and sponge Turbo35 ACE CAFE ACE CAFE Silverstone Classic 1.Pic.jpeg Shredded Bat 3. pic.jpg 15mm Rubber Grommet Heatshrink Neat Finish Heatshrink Pre Heating End Result Rotten Stiching Stitching Loop Stitch Pattern Stitching Pressure Stitch End Makeoff Job Complete alternator.jpg part number label.jpg regulator pulley.jpg 2 halves.jpg stator removal.jpg front bearing cover.jpg front bearing.jpg old bearings removed.jpg exploded dirty.jpg exploded clean.jpg rotor 1.jpg rotor 2.jpg finished.jpg finished rear.jpg Greg.JPG Lowered 30mm Rear Suspension Setup.JPG Side View Suspension.JPG Headlight Link (1981 onwards) Rear view (yes, the letters really are upside down!) Pressure Test Kit - Turbo Adapter Centre Console Heater Controls Removal Heater Control LED Console Removal Console Removed Centre Console Wiring Connection Rear of Gauge T5 LED Bulb LED Dials DSCF1936.JPG DSCF1936.JPG DSCF1936.JPG DSCF1938.JPG DSCF1939.JPG DSCF1942.JPG DSCF1944.JPG DSCF1937.JPG DSCF1935.JPG Comparison Backrest Bolt Rear Seat Clips 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG 8.JPG 9.JPG 10.JPG 11.JPG 12.JPG 13.JPG 15.JPG 16.JPG 17.JPG 18.JPG 19.JPG 20.JPG Cross Section of Electric Fuel Pump Accumulator Full of Fuel Fuel Filter Fuel Distributor, Primary Pressure Reg & Air Flow Sensor Warm Up Regulator Thermo Time Switch & Cold Start Injector Auxiliary Air Valve Fuel Injector kjet.gif Issue 01: 2010 Issue 02: 2011 Issue 03: 2011 Issue 04: 2012 Issue 05: 2012 Issue 06: 2013 Issue 07: 2013 Issue 08: 2013 Issue 09: 2014 Issue 10: 2014 Issue 11: 2014 Issue 12: 2015 Issue 13: 2015 Issue 14: 2015 Issue 15: 2016 Issue 16: 2016 Issue 17: 2016 Issue 18: 2017 Issue 19: 2017 Issue 20: 2017 af_logo.jpg Issue 21: 2018 Issue 22: 2018 Logo_Hi_Res_200x@2x.jpg Centre Console Relays Issue 23: 2018 NEC1.jpg Porsche-924-Wagon.jpg Porsche-924-Wagon-2.jpg Club T-shirt Issue 24: 2019 Issue 25: 2019 Issue 26:2019 Issue 27:2020 2020 Merchandise FBHVC Logo merch_prices_1.jpg merch_prices_2.jpg merch_prices_1.jpg merch_prices_2.jpg

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