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The Porsche 924 Owners Club

Hello and Welcome to the virtual home of the 924 Owners Club

We are the 924 Owners Club. Whether you are looking to buy, are a new owner, have owned one since new - or anywhere in-between! - you'll find what you want amongst our pages.

Well what a great time we had at the National Rally in Coventry. 28 924s from an awesome GTS to a lowly, battered green turbo were in attendance. We had a veritable buffet of 924 awesomeness.

Now we move onto the rest of the year's events with a great trip to the legendary Brooklands scheduled for the 6th June, get yourself there!

National Rally 2015 National Rally 2015 National Rally 2015

Membership in the 924 Owners Club is very healthy for a one model club and shows good growth as we spread the word that this is probably the most practical of classics. Last year, Practical Classics magazine added one to its pages, owned by Assistant Editor Keith Moody and sourced by our own club secretary Ian Pattie.

Being a club member brings far more benefits than just events; for a start there's the first class, full-colour, club magazine, 'TwoFour', which has been 'club magazine of the month' in Classic Car Weekly twice and also received an honourable mention in the Classic & Sports Car awards! The 924 Owners Club also offers unrivalled technical support with expertise from members and owners who've experienced and resolved just about every mechanical and electrical challenge owning a 924 could present. We also boast a wealth of friendly knowledge on how to maintain and develop these cars to ensure modern day usability on both road and track. Haynes manuals are great but no substitute for the vibrant, responsive 924OC forum and the incredible depth of knowledge and experience to be found there. We organise 'group buys' of hard to find or NLA spares, have a great social scene and as an added extra there are discounts on insurance and parts.

The emphasis of the club is to help keep 924s on the road where they belong, at the same time having fun and enjoying a great social scene. Everyone is welcome, 924 owner or not - in fact a number of our members own Porsche 944s, 911s and other non-Porsche classic cars.

Join today to gain access to the greatest car club with the most friendly members!

Some Testimonials from recent members

John - John H

Being an old git, I've lost count of the number of car and bike clubs I've been a member of over the years.

The 924 Owners Club is certainly one of the smallest clubs I've been involved with, but also one of the most active and enthusiastic. Size isn't everything (apparently!).

The amount of advice and help I've received through this new fangled internet thingy has been amazing, and a real help with restoration of my 924, the thinking man's classic car!


I have always owned classic cars but I have never bothered joining a specific marque club before. When I was looking for a Porsche I happened upon this website looking for information on what to buy.

The members on the forum were knowledgeable and helpful and when I finally found the right car I decided I needed all the help I could get! For the price of membership I get a great source of technical help, club discount at online retailers and a regular club magazine.

I have attended classics meetings with the club and have met a lot of like minded, car mad people which saves me boring my wife all the time!

Matt - Reevo17

For me joining the club was an easy decision.

When I first started looking for my new classic car project and the mighty 924 popped up, the non-members section was invaluable, allowing me to ask a few questions to check on potential purchases.

Once I had purchased my porka I had signed up the very same day.

Having club members like Gary (snaggletooth) literally on my door step, members who are so friendly and welcoming and the wealth of knowledge it was money well spent. It's a social and fun club that you can dabble in or be part of the beating heart of it. Fantastic, well done all.

Paul - Curtisrider

After owning my car for 4 months I finally feel like it's going somewhere. Thank you ever so much to everybody on the forum who has given me help on my various threads, I would have given up on the car if it wasn't for the excellent help I have received on here.

Particular thanks to Rich (Rich H) who took the time to explain in depth a billion of my questions at the NEC, Daz (daznotts62) for giving me so many useful parts for my car and Andy (Chancenellie) for helping me with my car last night in the freezing cold to get it running right and giving me a bunch of parts all for a ridiculously low price.

I now have a car that I'm feeling proud of, it's still a bit rough in places but it's steadily becoming a tidy old thing and it makes me grin every time I take it out! The amount of positive remarks and thumbs up from people that I get is really nice, a guy even crashed his bike trying to give me two thumbs up haha!

I think my car and experience is a great example of why people should be joining this club, I have so much new knowledge and I am looking forward to the new year and getting involved in the meets.

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