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Upcoming Porsche 924 Owners Club Events

The 924 Owners club hosts and attends events throughout the year, keep an eye on this page to see what’s coming up and where you should show off your car. Every year we have a National Rally that is almost always the highpoint of the calendar, for 2018 we're at Prescott Hill Climb and it is looking like another classic.

We have regular events, such as The ACE Cafe season opener, The Manchester Classic Car Show and The NEC Classic Car show, as well as more local ‘Spanner and Sponge’ type affairs and Wanders around the English Countryside. Next year we’re even heading to Classic Le Mans!

The 924 Owners Club also sponsor Karl Rossin in the BRSCC Porsche Championship and these meetings are listed in Green below. Why not join up with Karl and the club and enjoy watching the 924s show the Boxster who handles the best?

If there’s something special that you’d like us to check out, or you’d like more information on what we’re doing, post up a request on the forum or email

When What Where Region/Contact
Toyo Porsche Championship Donington Park National
Come and see the 924s race chancenellie
Lancaster Insurance Classic Motorshow with Discovery NEC Birmingham National
Our annual celebration of all things 924 and the showcase for all things 924 Owners Club. The largest most spectacular classic car show.Big discounts for members with a club code. come and see us stand 1040 Mylando
BRITCAR at Brands Hatch Brands Hatch National
If you want to watch cars racing with headlights blazing, brake discs glowing and exhausts flaming, then this is for you. Qualifying rounds during the day, practice at dusk, then a break for an evening meal. Then, the main event, a full on race in the dark. Event usually runs till about 8p
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