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The Porsche 924 Owners Club is vibrant, active, passionate and forward thinking. We exist to support all 924 owners, to ensure that as many 924s as possible remain in use and to encourage all to understand and appreciate what a great car the Porsche 924 really is. We welcome all... current owners, owners of other Porsches, other makes, ex-924 owners and of course, the curious future 924 owner!

Individual membership costs £35 for a year but there are options for two year and family memberships as well. The Porsche 924 Owners Club offers its members great value for money but we are a relatively small club based around one model, so we encourage members to be as active as possible. The club thrives on the involvement of its members and the support they give freely to each other, especially within the technical areas of our club forum.

Porsche 924 Owners Club Forum

Tech Forum

Our club forum is integral to club membership and not separate from it as with some other owners clubs. It is a means of communicating and keeping in touch with other members, but its most important role within the club is to provide a lifeline to many 924 owners and members who often recognise it as THE main benefit of membership. On our forum you will find up to date, accurate, peer reviewed technical information, guidance on procedures and techniques and ongoing support. Maybe a few recently discovered handy short cuts, work-arounds and alternative sources for parts too. You’ll also find historical and promotional documentation, reviews, road tests and other interesting stuff from the 924's past.

Some 924/944 technical information is freely available across the internet, so some question the need to pay for accessing our forum. We note that some of that free information is very useful indeed, but also that some of it is out of date, irrelevant, inaccurate or confused. Unfortunately those that are least able to verify the quality of the free information are those who are most likely to be affected by the inaccuracies.

Our forum is invaluable, and is generated by our members, for our members. If you are thinking of joining the 924 Owners Club and want to see what our forum has to offer then you are invited to sign up to our forum before paying to join the club. You will gain limited access to our forum for 3 months, and will have the opportunity to ask a couple of 'new owner' technical questions or request buying advice for example, and get a taste of the support that we all offer each other.

You will have 3 months access to the forum as a non-member, during which time you will be shamelessly cajoled, encouraged and pestered to become a 924 Owners Club member. After 3 months if you decide that club membership is not for you, then forum access will lapse. We think this is the fairest way to run our forum.

Summary of Porsche 924 Owners Club benefits:

  • Full access to all areas of the 924 Owners Club forum
  • Excellent owner support: technical issues, spare parts, buying advice
  • TwoFour, Awarded Club Magazine of the Year 2017 by Classic & Sports Car Magazine
  • Monthly email newsletter updates on club activities
  • Discounted insurance opportunities (Adrian Flux & Heritage Insurance)
  • Discounted parts from general and specialist suppliers
  • Sourcing/re manufacture of essential but nla parts and trim
  • Local and national events and meets
  • 924 Owners Club stickers
  • Unique 924 merchandise

Your car doesn't have to be a "show winner" or even a runner (and there are plenty in the Club that fall into those categories!). In fact you don't even need to own a car to be a member; the emphasis is firmly on family fun.

Joining is simple and the easiest way is online using a credit card, debit card or PayPal account. You'll need to register for the forum and log in, then just click below:

If you're unable to join online, please contact to see what other options are available

The 924 Owners' Club Podcast with Max from Frazerpart is available here

Northwest Spanner and Sponge 2011

Who's Who at the Club


Alan Bradshaw (AlanB)


Linda Vaughan (Linda)


Chris Saunders (finbarr)

Marketing Co-ordinator

Phillip Watson (Englander)

Events Co-ordinator

Edward Myland (Mylando)

Publications Editor

Phil Pilsworth (pillseey)

Forum Manager

Reuben Stamps (Roo)

Website Manager

Ben Murphy (Tango130)

Socail Media Manager

Alex Willis (althejazzman)

Tech Expert

Andy Pritchard (chancenellie)

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